Thursday, January 21, 2010


Photos, pictures, portraits....
By now, everyone should know what i'm talking about
Yup, this one is about photos,
black and white ones
coloured ones
passport sized
the list is endless
but still it makes one wonder if all of these are really necessary. Nowadays, wherever you happen to be, there's always a camera around to capture you. Be it a library or a school. And the most irritating part of this is that they're being used by the most dimwitted of people.
Ok, so they're just using to capture the beautiful moments of life, as many would describe it but let's face it, there is not one person on this earth who would like to see endless photos of the pundit when he's looking through the photos of a puja you attended!
It's probably in the list of treatable diseases of psychiatrists by now. Camera - craze.
People truly go berserk when they get their hands on a camera. They wanna click everything. From the historical monument they're visiting to the dog peeing outside it.
And guess what, they even photograph themselves photographing people. Real sophisticated, that.
On this note, this is another angry young man signing off.
Tata, happy clicking!!!!!!!!


  1. oh my god !!!
    y do u get so angry about clicking photos????

    it depends on us whether v like it or not!!!

  2. i don't get angry inu...
    just an article... :)