Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ragging : A Nagging Problem???

Ragging, hazing, welcoming whatever you choose to call it, it's wrong every which way.....

Picture this:

You go to some one's house and your hosts, instead of welcoming you tell you to stand on one leg and sing "main hoo don", heart-warming isn't it???

Sadly, the number of institutions, be it schools or colleges, is on the increase rather than the other way round. People who were ragged once upon a time by their seniors, come back to avenge themselves on the juniors.

This is one of the most vicious example of the victim becoming the perpetrator and breeding the next batch of perpetrators in the process.

Come on people, you don't need to embarass your juniors to open up and become friends with 'em. No, you don't need to beat them up or bully them so that they feel welcomed to the institution.

The impact that these incidents have on the future students who plan to enter these very same institutions is unimaginable for the raggers. The next batch is probably more closed up and unwilling to make friends even before they reach the college gates. They are scared of the things they will be made to do just to feel accepted. And that isn't the end of it. People who get ragged continuously and without raising a voice become mild and submissive for the rest of their lives.

Bhaiyo behno, it's time to make a decision. Will you keep on repeating the things that you were made to do by your seniors or will you be the people who go down in history for being different and being the first batch who said no to ragging?

Friday, March 27, 2009

Stupid System

You know the education we have here in India is the best and everything but it's the stupid system and the administration that is making it all seem worthless.

I mean just look at it this way:

A guy studies his heart out for his class tenth boards and gets a perfect result except for one little glitch which is that there is another boy in his class, mediocre, doesn't study, is a perfect loafer and he somehow manages to score higher than the boy mentioned earlier.

Ok, you may argue that the latter put in great effort towards the end of the session and achieved the target but that, if you excuse my saying so, is implausible, as the mind of the latter is more busy thinking up new ways of using unfair means to pass the examinations rather than studying.
So who is to be blamed?
  • The first student for studying and not cheating?
  • The second student for cheating?
  • Or the administration for not catching the latter red handed?

And it's not only cheating that is making me so indignant about the whole affair. There are many things about the system which need to be brought into notice.

For eg: The checking of language papers in the board is not at all satisfactory. How's this for thinkers? A boy who is arguably the best in English in his school, in both ways, spoken and written, scores a mere 86 in the board examinations while a boy of the same class, who couldn't string a sentence together to save his life scores a whopping 95.

Now is that what you call fair checking or was the man checking the papers trying to act like Robin Hood? Take from the rich and give to the poor. Only this time Robin Hood's work seems stupid rather than noble, if you know what i mean.

Coming back to the point. Well, somebody's gotta do something. Things are getting way out of hand.

Earlier, in gurukul, hundreds of years ago, teaching and getting taught were sacred business. You were awarded on the basis of your talent and hardwork, not on the number of ministers or goondas or bhais you happened to know.

Nowadays, if you happen to know a minister or, better still, are his son, then you don't have to worry about a thing. You have everyone, right from the night watchman to the Superintendents of Police, at your command. It really is disgusting.

The helplessness of the common man when the son of a minister cuts in front of you in a queue in which you've waited for more than an hour is hard to explain.

It's true that today, as we speak and fret our minds over this topic, the world is becoming more competitive and likes to judge a person basis his result.

It's a result-oriented society! Nobody seems to care about the knowledge and the intelligence of the person concerned. Not that this is true for me, 'coz I am fortunate to have been brought up in an environment which does not assess my capabilities basis my scorecard.

The point here is, I don't speak for myself but for 90% of the student community who have a low self esteem courtesy the expectations of their parents and teachers.

Look, all i'm saying is if you want to judge a person by his scorecard then fine, not a problem but could you at least ensure that the assessment parameters are well chalked out and fair???

So I request anybody who's reading this to pass the following message to everyone they know:


Thursday, March 26, 2009


this is my first post on a blog so i don't really know what to write here


let's just start by thanking the guy who invented the whole system of blogging

it's a great way of putting your views forward for the whole wide world to watch

well gtg for now