Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Birds n Bees

From the day I was born, I had a certain and unfound aversion to bees.
Don't know why but the yellow and black creatures scared me to death.
Every time there was a bee around, I was always found running in the opposite direction. But now when I look back on those days, I laugh at my naivety and my unawareness.
Even now, as I'm writing this blog, I see a couple of these harmless winged creatures enjoying the nectar of the flowers on my terrace.
Wow! Nature really makes you wonder at its beauty.
These bees will now take the pollen from these flowers to produce more such flowers, making the world a more beautiful place to live in.
What a beautiful thought!!!!
And silly me, I always thought these bees were nothing but a nuisance.
Ah, finally I am at peace with all the creatures of the world.
Now, I'm gazing at these bees sucking nectar peacefully,
one of them seems to have had enough and is flying towards the flowers behind me.
Wait, there are no flowers behind me...
So, it's probably flying towards me..
No big deal.
Bees fly towards people all the time. Not necessary they stiiiiiiAAAAHHHHHH.
IT STUNG ME!!!!!!!!!!
F*** THESE D*** CREATURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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