Thursday, May 13, 2010

God is an Atheist

I know I am no one to be writing about something about which I have limited or less understanding and knowledge. But what the hell.

God is an atheist. He knows no God to hold Him when He’s wrong. He has no one to bless him when things go wrong. You may be asking: What can go wrong for God? I say absolutely everything.

From the nooks and crannies of Kanpur to the busy traffic filled roads and highways of Delhi, every child that gets hit by a speeding vehicle is a thing gone wrong for God.

People who kill, citing Him the reason, are things gone wrong for God. When a man murders his fellow companion it’s a thing gone wrong for God. Five guys gang raping a woman are things gone wrong for God. Get my point?

But still, have you ever heard that God prays for the weak? Have you ever seen a picture of God bowing His head in respect? I don’t think there ever was such a picture.

Man, to assure himself that there will be someone to look after him even when he’s in the worst of situations, created the illusion of God. Not the other way around.

Call me an atheist. Break my bones for blasphemy. But I still would say the same thing. God was created by man to cover his shortcomings. To provide assurance that someone up there always has better things in store.

Now, I’m not telling anyone to try to break the illusion, but just be aware of it. There is no need on relying on God to make everything right. Learn from Him. Wonder at the thought that even with so many things gone wrong, He has the power to make everything right once again. He knows no God. He is the ultimate power. He will depend on no one to do what’s right. You shouldn’t too.

That is my only point.

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  1. To me talking to Him is better than praying to Him