Monday, February 15, 2010

Preparation Time

March : The time of war!!
But before it begins, comes the crucial month of February : The time for the preparation for war!!
Really, it is a very crucial time, for in this time you get to see people like my friends run around from coaching to coaching, trying to gather the notes they did not make (or forgot to make, more specifically), during the whole year.
You also get to see people like me, who are least interested in matters of education and prefer spending their time in updating blogs and writing songs.
This is the time when the hard working put in all their efforts in trying to achieve that elusive 100% grade while the rest of us get depressed just by seeing them work so much because our efforts seem minuscule compared to theirs.
It's time I got going and got down to some serious studying (after a session of serious guitar playing and songwriting, of course!) so gotta go for now..
but will surely come back with a vengeance after March!!

1 comment:

  1. hey thats so true!!!!
    dis seems 2 b the common problem of all of us specially the one about getting depressed by seeing how much others study!!!!