Monday, September 12, 2011

Dust to Dust

Anger makes you lonely. It’s what I’ve come to understand. It doesn’t matter who’s right or who’s wrong, at the end of the day both suffer. But does that mean people should stop being angry? Of course not. Love makes you do stupid things like slitting your wrist or risking your life to save your loved ones; does that mean you stop loving?

You experience these feelings because of a reason. Slowly and surely, by the time you’re as old as great-grandfather you start realizing that those outbursts of anger, the sting of loneliness was what helped shape you.

A human is a rock. A mountain when he’s born but reduced to a mere rock by the time he’s through with his life, getting his shape by the constant tumult of emotions he’s faced with day in and day out. And as times passes by, he keeps getting smaller and smaller until he’s finally a little heap of sand and nothing matters anymore. A simple breeze would be enough to blow his traces into oblivion. Guess what they say is true, from dust to dust.

But I’d like to add a small afterthought to that. The dust that every man eventually becomes, merges with the wind and the water, to help shape others like him. Meeker or mightier than him, no one escapes this natural corrosion.

Random rants.

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